The outdoors. Now more than ever, we need to step out of the city and reconnect with ourselves, with nature and everything essential.

With Geoff McFetridge's second collection for Norse Projects, we take the plunge into the great outdoors and tell a story about our journey through it. Designed not merely as gear for the trip, but as a narrative on how technology, myth and sustainability influence our perception of the outdoors today.

“The collection contains many pieces that are influenced by years of being outside in varied conditions. Everything can be used in a multiple of ways and all the pieces work together if layered and combined, in and out of the mountains.”

We created an entire myth about the great outdoors after taking inspiration from some hiking symbols - such as The Camper. For the supporting campaign, we enlisted the help of fellow creatives Tucker Phillips and his brother Ely to capture Geoff on his trip.

“The collaboration culminated in a river trip. We used the clothes (they worked amazing) on a multi-day float down the Flathead River in Montana. Tucker and Ely Phillips filmed and took photos as we fished, drew and paddled from the Canadian border south to Whitefish. Similar to the bike packing trip we took as a part of my first collection this trip was about seeing how far out into the world a project could take us. Just as my studio benefits from a broad range of influences, I believe my collaborations with Norse Projects also benefit from this varied mix of art, adventure and design."

For this second instalment of our collaboration with Geoff, the product offering is split across two key stories which can stand separately or be combined for a varied look. The first of these playfully coined “McTechridge” by Geoff, consists of a capsule of technical stretch nylon styles designed to perform across both urban and natural environs. The second capsule consists of a capsule of styles inspired by vintage pieces that form the basis of Geoffs everyday wardrobe, all crafted from a rugged hardwearing twill and utilising CashPad®; an innovative alternative to synthetic insulations, made from recycled cashmere and wool jumpers.