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Adidas Consortium x Norse Projects

Using the Terrex - an outdoor pursuits-focused model - and Campus 80s - a lifestyle classic - as templates, Norse Projects has created “Layers" - a sneaker pack influenced heavily by the natural surroundings in its native Denmark.

The small, Danish islands of Fur and Møn are known - in geological circles - for the rock formations visible on their coastal cliffs. The cliffs reveal a cross-section of layers of different rock types compressed over many thousands years, and provide the inspiration for the Terrex. The shoe is constructed using multiple, translucent layers which are welded together to form a strong, hardwearing outer shell. Within the layering is a GORE-TEX® membrane, which provides high-level weather protection; a model designed for (and inspired by) the outdoors.

While the Terrex takes its colorway from light, sandy tones, the Campus 80s is styled on darker asphalt, often found nearer to the surface of the rock formations. Also comprised of a series of layers, the grey accents and textured Primeknit upper serve to create a superb, ultra-low-key casual shoe.


May 31'st


Following up on the previous post about our collaboration with the charity organisation, Project Pressure, we're presenting the recap of the final artwork by French artist, Noémie Goudal.

“The idea behind the installation questions how much you can use the landscape, then expect it to remain the same. If you damage a layer can it remain the same, will it rebuild?" explains Noémie on how to take action on climate changes.

The artwork in particular is a photo of Glacier du Rhône itself. The paper used in the installation is printed on biodegradable, ecologically-safe paper that changes from being a normal sheet, a solid thing, to a white paste. The paper disintegrates in water and as the artwork dissolves, eventually the artificial landscape can be seen in its natural form. Noémie points out that it was important for both her and the team to use materials that don't damage the landscape. “Over a short period, the paper falls off in layers, if not only links back to the earlier point of the stratum of the landscape, it also relates to a real timeline to do with climate change affects".

Read our original post original post to get a behind the scenes look into the process behind the making of the installation.

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