AW23 Editorial — Curated by PROJECT 703

Collective consciousness refers to the shared beliefs, values, attitudes, and knowledge that exist within a social group or society. It is the idea that individuals in a community are not just isolated beings but are interconnected and influenced by the thoughts and experiences of others within the group.

It is more than just a concept; it’s a mode of awareness where we touch the interconnected wholeness of life with an intuitive, felt sense. We recognize ourselves in others, and our identity transcends the confines of individuality. It’s a free and conscious act of identification, one that we choose, not one imposed by convention or external authority. As Robert Kenny put it, it’s a recognition of our union with the world.

Conditions that nurture collective consciousness include shared goals, open communication, trust, diversity, inclusion, and inspired leadership. When these elements converge, individuals achieve more together than they ever could alone. This collective consciousness can breathe life into our greatest endeavours. It is the key to unlocking the doors of effective problem-solving, enlightened decision-making, personal growth, and global empowerment. It’s the wisdom of many uniting as one, guiding us through life’s myriad of challenges.

So, embrace this awareness, cultivate it within yourself and your communities, harnessing the wisdom of many as you navigate life’s complexities.

Production: @project.703
Creative Direction: @l.holl
Photographer: @somesundays

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