Created for Life — Elevate the Everyday


To commence a new year we undertook a project to gain a deeper understanding of our community and the aspects of life that bring them happiness. This process lead to CREATED FOR LIFE, a series of interviews and discussions with individuals that hold a long-term connection to Norse Projects and who have built their foundational daily wardrobe around our products. Through these interviews, we sought to gain a deeper understanding of our community, and asked one simple question;

“What makes you happy?”

The result is a series of portraits that reflect the reductionist design process of Norse Projects, removes external noise and focusses on the importance of work, life and happiness. All of which informs our continuing mission to develop product CREATED FOR LIFE.


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Getting out on the water to surf on an otherwise gloomy, rainy day where the wind is blowing like crazy and its far more appealing to stay indoors, gives me new energy and helps me clear my mind in the most amazing way. That makes me really happy.


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Ludjero Martins

To gain knowledge and wisdom. To engage in heart-to-heart conversations. To hang out with my family. To drink tea. To wake up in the morning. To be free from Peer Pressure. To express my opinions in the open without being judged. Listen to some great music without any disturbance. To hear the joy of others, their laugh and their amusement, that’s what makes me happy.


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Yukari Hotta

When I am using my hands and creating something. When I am sensing, or able to sense something with my hands. Like when I am holding my children’s hands, or when I am kneading clay, when I am touching fabrics. So, it might be very simple but when I am able to “sense” something with my hands, that moment makes me happy.


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Claus Due

It is often the small things that make me happy; the first day of spring, it could be the sun coming through the window, my children, my wife. I love doing book design. I love finding the right font, the right colour, the design construction interests me greatly and makes me really happy. Even setting up footnotes gives me a great sense of joy. Very inspiring. That makes me happy.


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Grace Roy Hess

What I really like about working with art and artists is that I get to learn something new every day and I think that also applies to life in general and sometimes the things that I learn are interesting or fun, sometimes they’re not, sometimes they can make me frustrated or doubt other things but I know that every morning when I wake up I have the possibility of learning something new and that in itself is exciting and that’s what makes me happy.


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Peer Ahsbahs

I love to travel and always have. I was born and raised on the sea and grew up on a cargo ship. I have travelled throughout my entire childhood. Unlike so many others, I find peace and at the same time energy in moving from one place to another. Usually around the last week, I build up this longing to get home and see my loved ones like friends and family and I find a lot of happiness in doing so.


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Julian Jahn & Anna Sofie Jacobsen

Julian: To create something useful and beautiful that brings joy to others, in the context of protected buildings that are worthy of preservation is something that I really love.
The cultural heritage that can be activated and can be brought forward in actuality today is something that makes me happy.

Anna: The whole idea of being part of the creation of something that can grow big and beautiful. It can be to get a large group of people to have a good time at the dining table with good food or to get a garden to be as wild and frugal as it possibly can be – that makes me happy.


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Chris Lanaway

I used to wake up and think about work and photography and what I was doing but, these days I wake up in the morning and just spend time with my daughter, and it’s nice to slow things down take it easy and take everything as it comes, and yeah that really makes me happy.