Field testing our garments is a regular part of research and development here at Norse Projects. We regularly ask our team members to take home our garments and wear-test them in their daily lives. Our photographer, Robert and Creative Producer, Rhys, took a day trip to Gribsø, a park area and lake north of Copenhagen to see how our new GORE-TEX shells adapted to their weekend lifestyles.



Not letting the remnants of winter deter them, each wore the latest additions to the GORE-TEX range for Spring 21 — the Fyn Shell Gore-Tex 3.0 and Rokkvi Shell Gore-Tex. In Denmark, winter and spring can be indistinguishable, and while perceptively we anticipate that the change in season brings warmer weather and blooming plant-life, this is not always the case.



The GORE shells designed for spring were not initially intended for the snow and subzero temperatures (see Rokkvi 5.0 GORE-TEX and Fyn Down 2.0 GORE-TEX). This led our design team to incorporate a snap-in feature that allows every shell jacket we produce to attach with the Otto Light WR and Alta Light WR; following a key consideration that goes into designing every Norse product: Created for Life — Good For All Seasons.



Robert was using his Fyn Shell 3.0 connected with the Otto Light WR. Combining these liner pieces with our shells adds heightened functionality and usability during transitional seasons, particularly useful in Gribsø, where the longer we stayed outdoors, the colder it inevitably got as the sun went down and winds picked up by the lake.



We added two essential developments in the design of our Spring 21 GORE-TEX collection; a re-engineered pocket construction that increased storage capacity and weather protection, and cuff trims that made adjustment easier.



With the new alterations to the Rokkvi and Fyn shell jackets, we are confident that these pieces will live up to our high standards of functionality and usability, whether you are commuting in the city, or exploring Gribsø.