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Geoff McFetridge, born 1971 in Calgary, Canada, is a Los Angeles-based painter and multidisciplinary artist. Instinctively ignoring creative boundaries, McFetridge has created everything from poetry to animation, from graphics to ceramics, movies to wallpaper.

He has exhibited widely throughout Europe, America and Japan, and for this season, Geoff McFetridge has acted as the creative lead on his second collaboration with Norse Projects, from the colour palette to design and artwork. Working onto Norse classics, Geoff has created a capsule of garments encapsulated by a conceptual theme: The farther you go the deeper it gets.

"The clothes remain simple but gain an appeal that is meant for the user, the inner space. The main design shows a person projecting an artwork out of meditation. This drawing is meant to express how transcendent action is a powerful force to push back the noise of our culture. The head is projecting a barrier to things being projected back at it."

"Slight tone on tone embroidery, hidden texts, prints on the inside of the clothes and a hangtag made up of two small drawings and a poem. Ideally, all these elements will conspire to create a unique experience for the wearer. Most of the details will be seen when you do laundry or when you get dressed. Nobody will see them, but you know they are there."