TOGETHER is a collaborative t-shirt produced in five unique colours, representing five Copenhagen-based brands: Le Fix, Mads Nørgaard, Norse Projects, Soulland and Wood Wood. In light of the recent devastating effects of COVID-19, the situation illuminated a shared common set of values to build on as a group. This project represents a collective spirit of resilience, creativity, friendly-competition and togetherness.

Le Fix, Norse Projects, Soulland and Wood Wood all met in the late-1990’s through art, design and skateboarding. Mads Nørgaard, who established his brand and store in 1986, became a key supporter and collaborator for the brands as they developed in the early years. Presently, all five labels aim to build and continually focus on setting an international awareness of Copenhagen through fashion and culture.

The TOGETHER graphic was designed by Brian SS Jensen, co-founder of Wood Wood, as a reaction to the global outbreak of COVID-19. After creating the graphic, Brian felt it served a bigger purpose and reached out to fellow friends, and brand colleagues who have all felt the social and economic drag of the pandemic.

Currently, Denmark is slowly inching towards a state of normalcy. Retail spaces are now being partly open to the public again, and people can slowly start returning to work. As a group, we want to stand together collectively rather than fight for territory. We want to support one another for a higher course and build upon the shared common values that make us who are.

All proceeds from sales of the shirt will be donated to Hus Forbi, an organisation supporting the homeless in Denmark.